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Ever posted a picture on Instagram or Facebook and gone back like one hundred times to check on how many people have liked it? I know I have. That is how much  we are influenced by social media.

Point out one person who doesn’t have at least one social media account and I will call the person ANCIENT. Lol, just kidding. But seriously, social media has taken centre stage in our lives. We live on the internet now. People portray lives that are seemingly perfect. The fashion, the vacations in exotic locations, the perfect relationships, the parties etc name it and it’s out there. We basically give away information about ourselves freely to people we know and don’t know alike. It’s the in thing.

The current generation is growing up thinking that putting everything out there is the norm. Children as young as ten(10) ,maybe even younger ,have Facebook accounts and are out there chatting with strangers. I know a six year old who sends his family members Whatsapp messages. Unbelievable right? This had me thinking… “smart kid” then it hit me….think of what the child is exposed to if he can easily access the internet.

Personally I can’t remember my life without social media. I know I’m as guilty as you all. The joy and excitement of getting “retweeted” is the “bomb diggity”. Getting a lot of likes and comments give you a sense of validation. What we must ask ourselves is : is this what it takes to prove that you are accepted? We are losing our self worth to social media. The weirdest thing of all is that most of the loud mouths on social media are actually anti-social. Oh i almost forgot to mention the scams. People are losing a whole lot of money to fraudsters on here.

But it’s not all bad. Social media is doing a whole lot of good especially for businesses and charities. People are using it to promote their businesses and it’s actually cheaper and guarantees that you reach a whole lot of people. Some meet their spouses too (too risky if you ask me), make actual friends and information is spread really fast.

There will always be pros and cons to using social media but we just have to beware of what and how much we put out there. Always remember that social media doesn’t make you or complete you. Step out, have fun, strike a pose, click and post it on social media. Just don’t get carried away.


So I sat in a troski yesterday and saw this woman with two cute kids.The boy wanted candy and the mother bought one for the two of them to share. All I heard was “shear” it with your sister. That peaked my interest so I started paying attention to them and she said to the girl “get” meaning she should take her piece of the candy.I was really amazed because it made me think about the quality of English Ghanaians speak especially kids.

This encounter made me rethink this culture Ghanaians are picking up:THE CRAZE TO GET THEIR KIDS TO SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL COST. It’s not such a bad idea when you think about it but the quality of English they speak,now that I have a problem with(that will be another topic for another day).. Also it shouldn’t be done at the cost of our identity.

When we travel abroad, we don’t see them try to speak other languages but their own. I know you will say this argument is old and has lost its validity but if we are doing something, I believe it must be done right. English has taken center stage in our lives to the extent that,our children cannot speak their native languages.Funny thing is majority of those that make fun of others because they can’t speak English make grammatical mistakes that could collapse the British Economy (lol).

Let me give you an instance. I travelled from Kumasi to visit a learned uncle. As an Asante man,I expected Twi to flow freely in his house but it was completely different.His kids spoke just English and their Twi was very bad. This was because the only Twi they knew,they picked up from school and from snippets they caught from their parents conversations. I started to speak Twi with them and they clearly enjoyed it because kids are naturally curious and ready to learn. My Uncle called me and told me not to speak Twi with them again. My little cousin being curious asked why they must always speak English and he replied “Because you need it here.” In my mind I knew he wanted the best for his kids but I didn’t see the sense in being fluent in someone else’s language and being hardly able to compose a sensible sentence in your own native language.My little cousin would sometimes say things like “Aunty take me a picture” or use gestures to indicate words she didn’t know.She couldn’t express herself well enough.

My point from this story is that, if we have a strong grasp of our native language, it will aid us to speak better English. The craze to be westernised is making us loose our identity. It’s about time we took an interest in our native languages and stop changing our default setting which is to pick up our Mother Tongue first as our L1.



Being at Blu has been an eye opening experience. Being a fresh graduate and working right after that has its perks and challenges. One thing is I have to get up very early to go to work but that has helped me develop a healthy work ethic. The trainers and supervisors are awesome and dedicated to helping us. There is something special about each one of them that just makes Blu feel like home. Efuwa, the head of strategy and planning is eloquent, graceful and fun but doesn’t joke with her job at all. Woe unto whoever messes around during her sessions, all you hear is “do you want to chop my back?” which cracks us up. Pius on the other hand is known for his killer fashion sense and his humorous nature. As the head of products and proposition, he’s on top of his game. Blu has a lot of interesting characters and I can go on and on about them. Training sessions are fun and sometimes tiring because we have to learn a lot of stuff at once but it’s worth it since it helps prepare us to give our customers the best experience. Over the past three weeks, alliances have been formed and it looks like everyone has found their place in Blu and so have I. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here, being Blu-ed up

As a kid I always wanted to be a doctor ( I know right, every child’s dream) but here I am at Blu Telecommunications, without any fancy title. I’m Vanessa Hansen, an intern. I asked myself a lot of questions as I accepted the job offer; “Did I make the right decision by joining Blu, a start-up company instead of working in a bank?”
I was introduced to Pius (Head of products and propositions) by Efuwa ( Head of strategy and planning) and he in turn took me to see Tony ( Head of brands and communications).Coincidentally, I was in Tony’s department and he enlightened me on the responsibilities I would be entrusted with. I was given my very first project to work on; The Founder’s Campaign. This is aimed at recruiting the first 100 customers for Blu, to test and experience our network.
Working at Blu is fun and interesting because you learn something new every day. The work environment is very comfortable and light as we have a young and vibrant team who are very dedicated to their work. We address each other by our first names. The work gets tougher by the day but I can’t help agreeing with the Blu tagline which says there is MORE TO LIFE because that’s exactly what you get. As I continue my journey, I look forward to becoming BOLD, LIGHT and UNORTHODOX.